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copyrighting and promotion


First - Copyright Protection

First, we make it easy and affordable to give your songs the protection they deserve.   It can be done very quickly.


Good news - You don't have to write out the notes

 We can help you copyright 1-30 songs, using your own recordings. (Fancy demos, rough versions or even MP3's from your phone if that's all you have). 


Then - We make it easy for others to hear your songs!

Our label has access to a great online platform with millions of listeners.  We can make it EASY for people around the world to hear your songs and even buy them!  (We shouldn't put them online until they are copyrighted.)

Find out more

We will send you easy-to-follow info and pricing.... (We may follow up to keep you informed, but never more than one generic email per week.)

More info

We are songwriters helping songwriters.

The Muse Music is here to help fellow songwriters,  We write songs too and understand the challenges that you face. 

Based in Southern CA, between LA and San Diego

Temecula, California, United States

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